Understanding and Managing Tinnitus

Natural Hearing Eastland Ringwood is striving to help individuals understand and manage the hearing condition known as Tinnitus.

As Vinay Kumar from Natural Hearing explained, “Tinnitus is defined as the auditory perception of sounds in the absence of external sound. It is the perception of sound generated in the auditory pathway. The location and reason for this sound generation is unknown”. As it is defined as a symptom rather than a disease there is no known cure for Tinnitus.

Each individuals experience of tinnitus is unique. The sound perceived may be a ringing, buzzing, hissing, humming, whistling or roaring sensation. Not only does the sound itself vary among individuals the duration can range from intermittent to constant. Similarly it can effect one ear alone or both.

Possible causes of Tinnitus, as listed by Natural Hearing, are exposure to loud sounds; the natural ageing process; head or neck injuries; or as a reaction to medicine or emotional distress. The effect of tinnitus can vary among individuals, however, commonly it can be disturbing and impact your quality of sleep by making it difficult to fall asleep or waking you from sleep. Although there are many probable causes, some people may develop tinnitus for no apparent reason.

Tinnitus and hearing loss often co-exist.  As Vinay explained “Approximately 90% of tinnitus sufferers experience some degree of hearing concerns. It is common for those with tinnitus to believe that their trouble hearing is caused by tinnitus, however the tinnitus may simply be a symptom of a hearing loss. Where the hearing loss is often caused by inner hair cell damage”.

“With early intervention hearing aids are very helpful for those who have tinnitus. The longer tinnitus is left untreated; the harder it is to overcome with hearing aids. Hearing aids help by keeping your auditory pathway occupied with other sounds to listen to therefore making the tinnitus less noticeable”.

If you experience any symptoms of Tinnitus, a hearing evaluation is strongly recommended. As it is a highly individualised condition, no single approach works for everyone. You may need to try different combinations of techniques before you find out what works best for you.

Natural Hearing is providing free hearing assessments and hearing aid check in all branches from 22/11/2018 until 24/12/2018 to celebrate the opening of the new Eastland clinic. To redeem this offer, prior booking is required. Upon booking please reference the Eastland new clinic opening offer. Natural Hearing Eastland Ringwood is located at level 1, Shop 1092 in Eastland Shopping Centre, Ringwood. For more information, phone 1300 03 92 03 or visit www.naturalhearing.com.au.


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