Introducing Livio AI, the Hearing Revolution
Discover Livio AI

On behalf of Starkey Hearing Technologies, we would like to introduce you to The world’s first Healthable™ hearing aid that tracks brain and body health, provides heart rate* information, and can detect if you’ve fallen and send an alert to selected contacts. Using integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, Livio™ AI is a multi-purpose device that redefines what a hearing aid can do.

Livio AI also features easy tap control and can translate up to 27 languages. Our voice-controlled Thrive™ Virtual Assistant can answer your questions on various topics. And if that’s not enough, it’s also Starkey’s best sounding and best performing hearing aid ever.


The connection between health and hearing

Hearing health is directly connected to
overall health and well-being. That’s been
proven, and it means people who are able to
hear can engage with the world around them
and live better and healthier lives.

Ever-increasing evidence also shows
treatment of hearing loss with hearing
aids can improve or limit some serious
health issues like cognitive decline and dementia.

Livio AI lets people of all ages take a proactive approach to their overall wellness.
Sensors inside the hearing aids detect
movement, activities and different gestures.
The hearing aids then communicate with each other, and with multiple accessories, to deliver meaningful benefits beyond traditional amplification.



Livio AI connected through the Thrive App

Livio AI intuitively connects to your Apple and Android devices via Bluetooth® technology and our easy-to-use Thrive Hearing Control app.

Thrive offers features designed to enhance your listening experience anywhere you go, and help you easily enjoy everything you do.

Features available in the Thrive App:

(Please note, features may vary by country).

Livio AI will be launched at Natural Hearing on 1st May, 2019!

To book a consultation or for more information about Livio AI, please give us a call at 1300 039 203 or alternatively, you can email us at



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