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Natural Hearing is a service provider for people with hearing difficulties. Accredited by the Australian Government to provide services to individuals on pension and Veteran Affairs. Natural Hearing strives to deliver the best services for their clients. We use the latest in advanced hearing diagnostic technology to help provide people of all ages with a solution to their hearing loss, including free hearing checks, free hearing aid trials and extensive trials where individuals can take hearing aids home for 7 – 10 days to trial in their day to day lifestyle environments.

Natural Hearing strives to provide the very best in hearing diagnostics and hearing loss treatment for adults of all ages. We use the latest in advanced hearing diagnostic technology to determine the function of the hearing mechanism while developing an appropriate treatment strategy for hearing improvement.

Vinay Kumar, the owner and Director of Audiology, has over 29 years of clinical experience in audiology (Nationally and Internationally) and auditory rehabilitation which includes comprehensive hearing assessment and management.

Our Co-Founders

Vinay Kumar
Director of Audiology
Aparna Kumar
Audiometrist, Practice Manager

Advanced Hearing Loss Treatment

Natural Hearing is committed to providing the best service to people with hearing loss, provide natural sound quality through most advanced hearing aid technology that gives an individual the same opportunities for communication as those with normal hearing and able to maintain their lifestyle without any compromise. Natural Hearing delivers the very best in the management of hearing loss treatment in North-Eastern Victoria.

This is thanks to our team of qualified Audiologists and Audiometrists who provide an extensive range of services. The service provider clinics of choice are located in Healesville, Warburton, Ringwood, Vermont and Kilmore. Our clinicians perform free hearing screening tests, free hearing assessment for pensioners and Veteran Affairs clients, home and nursing home visits and auditory rehabilitation programs.

To find out more about our services and facilities please contact the team at Natural Hearing on 1300 039 203 or send us an email at info@naturalhearing.com.au.

How Hearing Works

Understand how our ear works and processes sound and information to be able to understand.

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Hearing Loss

Hearing loss occurs when there is a disruption of sound transmision through the outer and/or middle ear.

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Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is different for each individual. Learn about the different models and styles of hearing aids.

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